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Welcome to Freight Network Corporation

FNC is a global network of over 290 medium sized Freight Forwarding and logistic companies in more than 100 countries around the world. It is this unique multidisciplinary methodology to serving clients that makes FNC different.

FNC Group is a reputed Freight Network emerged as a bridge to connect the freight forwarders across the globe under one roof to develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence among our members. 

Started with few members in the group, has now been filled with many partners and each day the network is growing in an aim to connect nook and corner of the forwarders world.

"Our Passion is Helping your Passion Flourish & Our Mission is to help you carry out yours"  

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About Freight Network Corporation

Welcome to the Freight Network Corporation, where we're dedicated to helping members of the fright industry to flourish as they strive to achieve their objectives in a thriving global marketplace and fast-paced International Freight Forwarders Network The Freight Network Corporation Group, also known as FNC Group, has over 290members, located in 325 cities in over 100 different nations across the globe

Established in 2004, FNC Group is a freight forwarders network comprised of over 200 independent member companies.In a fast-paced business world, companies are always seeking reputable, qualified partners; together, companies can unite to deliver freight transport offerings that once combined, are greater than the sum of their parts.

There is power in collaboration and at the Freight Network Corporation, we're firm believers that we can gain opportunities and achieve greater success when we unite and form partnerships with fellow companies,rather than competing against those businesses.

And so, FNC Group was established as a platform whereby freight forwarding companies from across the globe could connect, collaborate and form profitable business partnerships through our International Forwarders Network.

FNC Group started with just a small handful of members in our international cargo network, but as of Jan 2016, our 290 member companies had a presence in 335 cities across the globe.

Each FNC Group member is hand-picked by our team, following a comprehensive review. Many who join our global cargo network are also referred by existing group members.

As our International Freight Network grows, our vision grows as well. Each day brings us closer to our goal of dominating the global cargo forwarding industry. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations of excellence on every level.

The Freight Network Corporation is always seeking independent freight forwarding companies to join our network, the FNC Group. Our primary goal is to serve as a reliable platform where members can connect and form mutually beneficial partnerships and business collaborations.

To achieve this goal, we maintain very high standards to ensure that all of our members are reputable, reliable and experienced freight forwarding firms. We conduct an in-depth review of all applicants to ensure the company meets all of our standards.

Our requirements include the following:
  • You must be an established and reputable independent freight forwarding company, with appropriate licensing and accreditation.
  • Members must have extensive experience when it comes to freight forwarding operations and logistics.
  • Member companies are required to have a positive reputation within the industry.
  • Members are required to be financially stable, without any black listings or bankruptcies. The owner, director or partners of the member company must also meet these standards.
In addition, FNC Group members are expected to maintain qualified staff and a sufficiently robust infrastructure in order to deliver top quality services to fellow FNCGroup members and their international clientele.

Members of FNC Group are also required to maintain a dedicated sales team that can handle marketing and promotion of FNC Group and its offerings.

Independent freight forwarding companies that meet our stringent criteria are invited to apply for membership into FNC Group. The in-depth membership application review process is rather involved, so applicants can expect to hear back with a decision in approximately 3-7 days

As of Jan-2016, FNC Group had 290 members in over 100 nations worldwide. We're always seeking to grow the network, forming new, mutually beneficial partnerships.If you're ready to work with an organization that will help you achieve your goals and objectives, turn to the experts at Freight Network Corp


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