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Thank-you Delegates & Sponsors

Glad to inform you that we have completed the 6th FNC conference at Geneva successfully with your special presence and involvement.We are pleasure to share the minutes of the conference to all the members. For members, the conference session was useful and informative. Each member was given a chance to address a short self introduction in the conference.

To start with:
On 18th March – Royal Manotel Lobby – The cocktail reception started at 18.30 hrs.
I thank the delegates presented in elegant and flourishing way. The reception witnessed a gathering of more than 40 companies who had a great cocktail party and sharing moments with each other. We enjoyed a contented party and the reception was closed at around 21.00 hrs for the next day full-day conference.
On 19th March – Conference hall Rousseau at first floor - First day started at 9.00 a.m.
The conference brought together over 50 professional logistic decision makers across the globe, North-south, east-west to share their experiences, to learn from one another and to debate the future development. The conference was structured around small, facilitated, presentations to allow all participants to enter in to discussions.
The conference was the key Benefit for the FNC members and the observers to explore and to learn the diversity of experience that participants brought to the conference. The delegates were taken a FNC pledge in a vision to support and encourage the group business with in the network and conduct themselves as a long-term member in the family network.
After the self-introduction given by all the delegates, the conference was open to the one-on-one meeting session between a short coffee-tea break. A group lunch at 13.00 hrs was carried with the continuous one to one session till 17.00 hrs.
On 20th March - Conference hall Rousseau at first floor – Second day started at 9.00 a.m.
The one-on-one meeting was continued till 17.00 hrs from the morning with short breaks for coffee-tea and lunch in between.
The feedback of the conference was very positive. As the admin of FNC, I was able to discuss personally the views of each member to have their opinion and suggestions. The most I heard from all the delegates was as unique as that, the participants greatly enjoyed the chance to meet a like-minded, friendly and supportive members from various countries, the opportunity to network and to learn from one another, and the chance to explore the strength of the individual company.
On behalf of everyone involved in organizing the conference I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the delegates in the event, participated with your full effort and interest. When we organized to conduct this conference, one of our prime aims was to let people know &learn from each other, to communicate closer, and I hope we played a key role in making this happen.

I thank everyone who attended for giving so freely of themselves for making the conference a memorable and successful occasion. All of us made friends and business partners around the globe are the importance of this event.

Future - FNC is always at the members' reach at one shout and to be a friendly administration through out. We always insist our member to promote FNC as a family network and business association and that is how we grow.
Thank you for all the support and I wish your continuous patronage to the network as usual. FNC assure to bring more good and prospective companies, which ensures the group benefit and mutual business developments with in the network. We will have more interesting subjects to discuss and more activities in our coming events.

Next conference: As we discussed the next FNC conference is proposed at Singapore on November 2011 and the venue will be announced soon. This proposed conference after a break of 8 months will be a reasonable for the members to meet each other again and an opportunity for the non-attendees to participate. I expect each of the FNC Conference to be a resourceful,thanks–giving, business promotion conference each year.FNC will make sure to bring it a successful network, group business, mutual profits, international partnerships,the complete package in the future.
I have uploaded few conference snaps in the website.I request you to view it!
Please feel free to write/contact me your suggestions and feedbacks.
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